Work and travel on my bike

Who am I?

I am a 50-something Berliner who has spent most of his life in other countries. I currently work as a consultant. Whenever I don’t, I ride my bike.

Why am I interested in tourism?

I have always travelled a lot and would like to keep doing so. I spent many years dating a hotel consultant, so the subject of tourism is close to my heart.

Dear Vasco,

I’ve been slowly cycling my way to Naples for a few weeks now, working on my project at the same time. I’ve been staying in small campsites and shared houses and working from co-working spaces. The latter were the most interesting places, as they allowed me to interview local people for the project.

In Rome I was able to give my flat exchange partner the keys to my flat in Berlin. I think she brought some cake for you.

At the end of March I’m coming back by express train, it was no problem to get a compartment for all that luggage…

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Wishes and hopes behind the image of the future:

1. “For the future of tourism I hope that…

tourism is slowing down, becoming less cluttered and arousing people’s curiosity.

2. “If I could wish for anything at all, I would…

decouple tourism from seasonality wherever possible.

3. “If I were a powerful politician, I would…

promote tourism in such a way that it generates local value.

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