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Venice without cruise ships

Who am I?

A hetero woman. My hobby is travelling as much as I can. I also live in a quite important touristic place.

Why am I interested in tourism?

I love travelling around the world. I live in one of the most important touristic places for European travellers.


I am a retired woman now. At last, I can spend my time travelling and enjoying myself with culture, nature, food, languages…

What a wonderful time I have spent strolling around Venice without cruise ships and thousands of people coming over every day. There are lots of tourists because it is a marvellous place but it has returned to being the joyful town it used to be.

Just the same in the fjords in Norway. These small villages can breathe at last.

I am eager to go on like this. I love getting to know new places and can’t wait to tell you about my new experiences.

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Wishes and hopes behind the image of the future:

1. “For the future of tourism I hope that…

we care about the environment.

2. “If I could wish for anything at all, I would…

prefer cruise ships far from certain fragile spots.

3. “If I were a powerful politician, I would…

not allow speculation and building without control.

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