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A house by the sea

By 13. January 2022Futures of ageing

“More and more, I have understood what is important to me and how I successively find more space in my life for these important issues and for nurturing relationships.”


We asked, you answered.

How would you describe yourself?

34 year, white, queer/lesbian monogamously engaged, corporate job with an ambivalent perspective towards it, love music, culture, friends, discovering new things, good food, interested in social change, inclusion etc., would love to be part of a better world but also know I don’t get out of my comfort zone enough to do so

Imagine you are 72, 80 or even 99 years old: How and with whom do you live together?

With my partner, ideally in a house by the sea in Portugal and in between in a small apartment in Berlin. The house has some community driven business arm (feminist retreats?), but we don’t participate much anymore, but rather see to it that our collaborators and network run the place well. Also, friends and members of our chosen family come over every now and then to spend a few weeks with us.

Who are the most important people in your life and how do you spend time with them?

My partner, close friends, their children and maybe even grandchildren. Sometimes there is also a foster child who spends a phase of their life with us and is also part of the family.

What is your sex and love life like in the future?

A mostly monogamous relationship, always learning anew to deal with age, body, needs and possibly fears. Seeing how we can find a common path with possible crushes. Also being able to discover new adventures. In all this, we have great trust in our relationship and experience pleasurable moments together again and again.

How do you manage to stay mentally and physically fit?

Mental: reading, being in contact with younger people, if necessary brain jogging apps or similar, sudoku & crossword puzzles, traveling

Physical: running, biking, gymnastics, hiking, swimming in the ocean, nutritional supplements and superfoods, eating healthier – who knows what else medicine will bring

How do you afford everyday life in the future?

My partner and I have worked and have a solid pension and some investments (ideally). We have income from our house project in Portugal and rent out our small apartment in Berlin whenever we’re not there.

In the future, what do you get up for in the morning?

For the sea, a book I write, photos I take, people that surround me.

If you had to tell a young friend about all the things you’ve done right while ageing and would thus recommend to them… What would they be?

More and more, I have understood what is important to me and how I successively find more space in my life for these important issues and for nurturing relationships. I also realized that there are a few mandatory exercises that I maintain as routines for my body and mind. This has made me increasingly more joyful.

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