We are futurists, feminists and desirability nerds.

Lilith Boettcher
MA Futures Studies, MA Global Studies, BSc Psychology
Fermentation nerd & plant lover
Elena Artiles-Leyes
MA Futures Studies, BA Political Science
Reggaeton lover & ex-redditor
Katrina Günther
MA Futures Studies, BA Communication Design
Undiscovered pop star & cyclist
Gina Strecker
MA Futures Studies, BA Cultural Studies / English
Cake baker & marathon runner

Our story

We met while studying Futures Studies at Freie Universität Berlin – and kicked off Futures Probes in 2020.

With Futures Probes, we want to provide a platform and method to enable people to create and think about their own desirable futures. As futures scientists, it’s important to us that “the future” is not only being discussed within academia and corporate strategy think tanks, but throughout society. Desirable futures of all shapes and sizes need to be articulated, shared and discussed so that an inclusive, diverse and tolerant future can be shaped.


We see ourselves as privileged young women who are not discriminated against because of their physical and mental abilities, their origin or skin color, their political orientation or sexual orientation.

Precisely because of our own privilege, we see it as our duty to continually question and reflect on ourselves and our actions. We are constantly learning new things in the process – like how best (not) to approach topics such as diversity and participation.