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Book Publication: Images of the Future and Futures Studies

By 16. June 2022July 6th, 2022No Comments


Academic book publication with the title Zukunftsbilder und Zukunftsforschung – Wünsche, Visionen und Visualisierungen (Images of the Future and Future Studies – Wishes, Visions and Visualisations) in collaboration with University Professor Dr. Reinhold Popp.


With this book, we aimed to bring Futures Studies to a wider (academic) public by shedding light on images of the future from different angles. We also highlight Futures Probes as a hands-on example of making use of desirable futures. 


Building up on the master theses of Lilith, Gina and Kitty, as well as on our first projects at Futures Probes, we deep-dive into different theoretical and practical aspects of Futures Studies. Thankfully, we could rely on the extensive publishing experience and expertise of our editor Dr. Reinhold Popp, Professor at Sigmund Freud University in Salzburg and guest lecturer for Futures Studies at Freie Universität Berlin.


Five chapters exploring different angles of Futures Studies and images of the future:

  1. How can images of the future be collected and interpreted in a scientifically sound manner?
  2. Is there a connection between utopian images of the future and retrotopian images of nostalgia?
  3. What contribution does futures literacy make to the development of practicable future images and future competences?
  4. How does the visualisation of complex images of the future influence public discourses on the future?
  5. What forms can the practical exploration, creation and utilisation of desirable images of the future take?

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