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Futures of tourism

Carbon free travels

By 23. June 2021No Comments

Who am I?

I’m an electronic musician and event producer living in the San Francisco bay area that loves to broaden my horizons with travel, performance, cooking (especially from my Italian heritage), and coexisting with the natural world as much as possible while functioning in a modern society.

Why am I interested in tourism?

I love to travel and seek authentic experiences by way of regional cuisines, urban living, environmental habitats, and the vast array of human behavior through cultures. My work as a traveling DJ has allowed me to afford ways to have connections globally and with my European heritage. In any new place I experience I try my best to maximize my visit with enough time to go beyond the hotel or accommodations and get into the feeling of the location I’m at.

Ciao Alison,

I just arrived in Friuli and sipping on some local organic wine. I love that we can visit our family home entirely on renewable and carbon free transportation. The journey is as exciting as the destination. The high speed solar powered rail line that connects the west and east of the US was more dreamy than I expected. It only took 2 days and I was able to do all my work remotely while enjoying the most amazing scenery along the way.

The organic vegan menu on board was so delicious. With the rise of lab raised meat and commercial animal farming banned 10 years ago it’s amazing to see the old cattle farms now thriving as new growth carbon sequestering forests.

I was able to sleep on the super quiet 3 hour flight. These new battery powered pond jumper planes are so much more comfortable than those old jet fueled ones. You really get a cool view of the wind and sea energy turbines that charge them all after you take off. Anyway, gonna bike down to the local store to grab a few more solar cells so we can heat enough water for us both to take showers. I hope to be back in time to help cousin Marco in the compost garden so we can prepare dinner. I look forward to your arrival in a few days on the Solar-Maran Ferry.

Enjoy the journey, ci vediamo presto baci e abbracci!

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Wishes and hopes behind the image of the future:

1. “For the future of tourism I hope that…

an ESG (environmental, Social, Governance) style of business is mandated and rated with a minimum threshold rating being established for all destinations. With a higher rating being required for environmentally sensitive areas.

2. “If I could wish for anything at all, I would…

love 2 things. A world governance agency that makes apparent the behind the scenes treatment of animals and the environment at popular tourist destinations that disclose atrocities that are hidden and keeping their guests ignorant or greenwashed. Also, in the advancement of virtual capabilities to reduce the amount of overall tourism when a similar or even more engaged experience can be attained.

3. “If I were a powerful politician, I would…

believe, educate, and use the latest science in climate change as the top factor in making decisions for the well being of my constituents. Make funding these efforts a priority to create new sustainable ways for tourism to flourish in the name of our future generations being able to exist on a planet habitable by humans and all life.

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