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‚Ey, Alter!‘ – Our exhibition on the futures of ageing

By 8. July 2022July 19th, 2022No Comments


The exhibition “Ey, Alter! Desirable Futures of Ageing” which we conceived and exhibited at the Waterkant Festival 2022.


The aim of the exhibition was to open up the view on different perspectives on ageing. Visitors are encouraged to think about the topic from a systemic as well as an individual perspective


The exhibition brings together our research on the topic of the futures of ageing, as well as our collection of images of the future on the topic. 

1. Outline of a user journey of the visitors as a basis for the conception of the exhibition. 

2. Compilation of the content in different formats: as short info texts, intertwined infographics, explanatory videos and an interactive quiz.

3. Implementation and testing of the formats in the installation with the help of the Waterkant Festival staff.


An exhibition that invites visitors to playfully deal with the big questions around the topic of ‘ageing’. By focusing on what is desirable, the exhibition aims to make it easier to deal with one’s own future and finally to ask oneself: What does ‘ageing’ really mean for me and how would I like to ‘grow old’ in the future?

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