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Futures of tourism

By 7. February 2022February 15th, 2022No Comments


Self-initiated digital workshop on the topic ‘futures of tourism’.


A first Futures Probes workshop was held in April 2021 with participants from the fields of tourism, Futures Studies and innovation. The aim of the workshop was to introduce the participants to the ability of ‘thinking in futures’ by navigating the topic ‘futures of tourism’.


The Futures Probes team led through a three-hour online workshop using Design Thinking methods and digital tools.


First, the individual futures created by the participants in advance were used for a round of introductions.


This was followed by a short introduction to Futures Probes, Futures Studies and the relevance of images of the future.


Then, a brainstorming session was facilitated. Here, the group worked out a common understanding of tourism.


Afterwards, two already existing (external) images of the future of tourism were scrutinised and deconstructed.


Finally, each participant was asked to critically reflect on their own image of the future.


  • Knowledge transfer on thinking in futures
  • Illustration of the complexity of tourism as a social phenomenon
  • Showing the range of possible forms of images of the futures
  • Reflection on one’s own image of the future on the topic of tourism

Tourism is way more complex and diverse than we think.

Participant #3

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