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Futures Probes of Tourism: The Zine

By 16. June 2022July 6th, 2022No Comments


A zine (a self-made and self-published small magazine) on the futures of tourism.


 In light of the extensive knowledge generated through our past research on the futures of tourism, we decided to combine both our own research as well as the many images of the future handed in to us by others into a comprehensive (maga)zine.


The creation of the zine can be divided into four major tasks.


Analysing and combining the many different images of the future of tourism we collected via our questionnaire.


Selecting and re-writing different stories on tourism based on our previously published Instagram content.


Creating several new and playful ways of diving into future tourisms, such as the Travellers’ choice decision tree.


Illustrating and layouting the zine in a fun and interactive way.


After many months of work and delving into the universe of self-publication and zines, we now finally hold in our hands our very first (maga)zine – one of hopefully many more to come. 

You’d like to have one? Talk to us!

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