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Futures of ageing

I always like to get up for a laugh

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“Surround yourself with great people and take good care of them”.


We asked, you answered.

How would you describe yourself?

Berliner by choice in her early 30s, white, self-employed, loves lemons and dogs, dislikes the cold and Thysanoptera.

Imagine you are 72, 80 or even 99 years old: How and with whom do you live together?

For the main part of the year in a nice housing project together with old and young people in or around Berlin. For the remaining time in a tiny house in the countryside, somewhere in the south, on a shared piece of land with many friends and all of their tiny houses.

Who are the most important people in your life and how do you spend time with them?

My closest friends, with whom I play cards in the evenings over many glasses of red wine, giggle about ridiculous men and younger generations, or tipsily wander the streets at night. Also: my niece, my partner, my dog and many of my friends and their grandchildren, whom I regularly cook for and hopefully make them laugh.

What is your sex and love life like in the future?

Intimacy and love in my partnership but also in my friendships. For me, this includes a lot of physical closeness, cuddling and honest conversations. I regularly feel like myself and an ageing body does not detract from that.

How do you manage to stay mentally and physically fit?

I take things slower and am more relaxed and loving towards myself. I go for long walks with my dog and can still run quite long distances with my new spare knees.

How do you afford everyday life in the future?

I receive some small basic income and otherwise earn a little extra money with dog training and helping out neighbours.

In the future, what do you get up for in the morning?

For a laugh, a friendly look or simply the desire to experience another beautiful day.

If you had to tell a young friend about all the things you’ve done right while ageing and would thus recommend to them… What would they be?

If you can somehow afford it and are privileged enough: don’t put so much emphasis on your wage-earning work, but also build a life for yourself alongside it early enough. Surround yourself with great people and take good care of them, find activities that are fun or meaningful to you, and above all, free yourself from the unrealistic expectations of others (or yourself).

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