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Non Voyage: Tourism infrastructure as a resource for planetary healing

By 16. June 2022July 18th, 2022No Comments

Video by Kerem Halbrecht and Zachi Razel


Speculating about alternative future tourisms and infrastructures.


In the midst of the pandemic, what has tourism left us with? While tourism was on hold, several un(der)used tourism infrastructures had been temporarily repurposed to serve urgent needs. In the context of climate emergency and inspired by this phenomenon, we, as part of the artist collective Non Voyage, asked ourselves: How can we repurpose tourism infrastructures for planetary healing? One of our objectives was to also generate ideas for the Future Architecture Plattform.


As part of an artist collective, Non Voyage, Futures Probes co-created and co-speculated on alternative usages of tourism infrastructure. We reflected on how to reshape imaginations – the driving force behind travel – and how to redirect these imaginations towards more diverse and regenerative futures.

Images by Kerem Halbrecht, Zachi Razel and Torhaus Berlin


We co-created a think-and-do-tank aimed at leveraging the moment of immobility opened up by the pandemic and its restrictions as an opportunity to reimagine tourism’s vast existing infrastructure as a resource for planetary healing. Some of the outputs we created:

  • Several provocative pieces of audiovisual content
  • Participation in the exhibition Torhaus Travel and a discursive event in the historic Tempelhof airport terminal by Torhaus Berlin for the Living The City exhibition
  • The short comic strip Touristoholics Anonymous, about an imagined future group therapy session for tourism addicts, while transposing the addiction to popular destinations of mass tourism. The comic was published, together with other contributions from Non Voyage, in the book Die Stadt nach Corona in the jovis publishing house.

Comic by Katrina Günther

Text by Zachi Razel and Eitan Nir

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