Fill in the futures questionnaire to show us what your desirable futurelooks like.

*Current topic: desirable futures of ageing.


You answer a total of 10 questions about your desirable future. It will take around 15 minutes.


We check your answers for typos, spelling mistakes or discriminatory ideology.


We design an individual illustration based on your answers: your ‘literal’ image of the future.


We publish your image of the future and its illustration on our website.

Please read this before you begin:

You are about to enter a future world in which you will already be a much older version of yourself. Maybe you’re travelling into the year 2060 or maybe it’ll be 2045 – that’s up to you. The most important thing we ask of you is that you immerse yourself fully in your older self. The life you have built yourself is a beautiful one. You are satisfied with the paths you have taken and look back upon a fulfilled and good life. We ask you to answer the questions posed in our futures questionnaire as this older and satisfied self – and to dare to imagine far and optimistically into the future.

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You can now look forward to your illustrated image of the future. We will publish it here in just a few weeks.