Fill in the futures questionnaire and show us your desirable future of tourism.

A futures question­naire?

The futures questionnaire is divided into 3 parts:

(1) a part about yourself

(2) a brief tourism quiz

(3) your future wishes and image of the future

You only need about 15 minutes, a quiet place somewhere and a little determination & humour.

…and what will happen to your desirable future afterwards?


Once you have shared your image of the future with us, we proofread it for typos and discriminatory ideas/wordings.


Within 2 to 3 weeks we create an illustration matching your answers – your literal “image of the future”!


We publish your desirable future on our website, share it on social media and hand it to people in charge.

Ready? Let’s go!

Important: By clicking on “Start” you agree to the storage, use and anonymous publication of your answers.



You can look forward to the publication of your desirable future – including an illustration created individually for you. Both will be published on our website and potentially on Instagram in about 2 to 3 weeks. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, we are always happy to receive feedback, which you can leave here!

You can also support us in other ways…

You’re an artist or have an idea regarding our next futures topic?

You would like to support us in visualizing images of the future or help us select new futures topics for the months to come?

You’re in a position of power?

You are currently in a position of power and would like to integrate desirable futures into your design and strategy efforts? You would like to get information about visions and wishes of different people concerning certain topics?