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The fabric of the future city

By 8. February 2022February 15th, 2022No Comments


Introduction to the chapter ‘The Future of Collaboration’ of the book ‘Past, Present, Futures of Urban Change’ edited by the Actors of Urban Change initiative.


In the light of radically changing urban landscapes, questions arise as to how we as a society and as citizens can collectively shape our future cities so that they satisfy our needs. How can Futures Studies’ approaches and methods help?


In close cooperation with the editorial team, we wrote the article ‘The Fabric of the Future City – Weaving desirable futures‘.


  • Description of useful perspectives and practises of Futures Studies
  • Presentation of own experiences as futurists
  • Gathering of helpful approaches and methods from the discipline, including why it is relevant to pay attention to diversity when thinking in futures, how to deal with complexity and how to regularly practice futures thinking

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