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Futures of tourism

Travel opportunities for all

By 15. May 2021No Comments

Who am I?

I am a 31 year old futurologist and business consultant with a love for plants and baking.

Why am I interested in tourism?

I see tourism in the 21st century as both a threat and a privilege of the global north. I have never done much traveling myself and can therefore live well with the current renunciation due to the pandemic, but i know that many people need travel as compensation. I would like to explore this area of tension.

Dear Mama,

many greetings from Corfu! Today we finally arrived. In order to save the annually allowed air miles, we decided to take the cheaper train and ship route. This also added a few extra miles to my flight account, which I want to save for my bigger visit to North America.

We are staying in an accommodation in a smaller village. So crazy, on the island there aren’t any more international chain restaurants and wholesale chains outside the big city, and at dinner in one of the subsidized local restaurants you really notice how 80% local products are used. The quotas are working! Our hostess is happy about our visit, she talks about other guests from all over the world and how through our visit she not only earns a living, but she also accumulates airline miles which in return allow her to travel the world. Sure, I’d love to take bigger trips more often than 2 times a year. But if my “sacrifice” means that people like my host have the same travel opportunities as I do, then I’m happy to accept that.

I’m looking forward to being back in Berlin soon. I hear you are now renting out my old childhood room to guests from all over the world, earning extra air miles? I think it’s so great that our government is helping us to make sustainable tourism possible in this way. After all, we’re not only regulating our air travel, but also the way we’re guests in other countries. Thankfully never again mega hotel madness!! Excited to hear what you report from your guests.

Many greetings from your daughter

– Original version: German –

Wishes and hopes behind the image of the future:

1. “For the future of tourism I hope that…

it can satisfy the needs of all stakeholders.

2. “If I could wish for anything at all, I would…

we have found a way for tourism to benefit all areas of the world.

3. “If I were a powerful politician, I would…

impose taxes on flying and subsidies for long train journeys. Support for local businesses in tourist areas. Limits for visitors in highly frequented places.

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