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Travelling into the Future: Exploring desirable futures of tourism in Spain

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Researching futures of tourism and bringing together regional tourism actors in Spain to discuss and co-create desirable and sustainable future tourisms. Here you can find the project website.


Travelling into the Future (Viajando al futuro) is a long-term project aimed at developing desirable future scenarios for sustainable tourism in Spain, one of the most visited countries in the world. The goal of these scenarios is to inspire, to engage and to communicate. The project is a first step towards bringing together local and regional local tourism stakeholders and agents from the public and private sector to exchange ideas, practice futures thinking and to collaborate on shaping sustainable future tourisms. The project is funded by the European Climate Foundation and implemented in collaboration with our partner organisation Tipi.


 In collaboration with our partner organisation Tipi we designed and facilitated a 4-step process working towards knowledge generation on futures of tourism as well as the creation of desirable future tourisms.


Stakeholder mapping and PESTLE analysis: Mapping both the future facing tourism actor network within Spain and the potential future influencing factors surrounding the complex system of tourism.


Futuring workshops: Facilitating conversations on and collaborative world-building for desirable sustainable tourisms with a heterogenous group of local tourism actors.


Delphi method: Gaining insight from various tourism experts on the likelihood of future developments surrounding tourism in Spain (and beyond).


Narrative visual scenarios: Creating normative scenarios for desirable and possible future tourisms in Spain together with professional writers and illustrators.


  • Knowledge generation on tourism as a complex system of interconnected parts and their regional specificity when it comes to urban, coastal or rural environments
  • Insights into influencing factors and their possible impacts on the (regional-specific) development of tourism in Spain
  • Several inspirational narrative and visual scenarios for desirable futures of sustainable tourism in Spain
  • Network creation and ‘planted seeds’ for future collaboration and future shaping in three different regions in Spain

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