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Futures of ageing

With courage and faith

By 1. December 2022No Comments

“Courage and fidelity to one’s own feelings and thoughts.”


We asked, you answered.

How would you describe yourself?

Ok, I’m already “old” namely 70, I still work as a coach (less than before), I am sporty, love nature and my (grand) children

Imagine you are 72, 80 or even 99 years old: How and with whom do you live together?

In a tiny house settlement in the countryside with many different age-groups

Who are the most important people in your life and how do you spend time with them?

Children, grandchildren, 3 friends. I play and conduct philosophical conversations and enjoy culture, preferably theater, art and cinema

What is your sex and love life like in the future?

It loses priority, tenderness and touch become more important

How do you manage to stay mentally and physically fit?

With sport and interest in new topics and listening to young people

How do you afford everyday life in the future?

Still working

In the future, what do you get up for in the morning?

For love! For everything that is.

If you had to tell a young friend about all the things you’ve done right while ageing and would thus recommend to them… What would they be?

With open senses, with love. Courage and fidelity to one’s own feelings and thoughts. Sometimes against the mainstream

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Futures of ageing

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