Futures Probes of [...]

What do our desirable futures look like, and what kind of hopes and dreams do they reflect?
Futures Probes of [...] is a collection of individual images of the future for specific topics – gathered via a futures questionnaire. Topics tackled so far: futures of tourism, futures of ageing and futures of human reproduction.

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  • 3 topics

    The collection showcases desirable futures dealing with the topics of tourism, ageing and reproduction.
  • 1 exhibition

    Futures Probes of Ageing was part of a futuring exhibition at Waterkant Festival in 2022 and 2023.
  • 2 zines

    After each collection cycle, a small self-edited ‘magazine’ is published to wrap-up the topic and summarise the results.
  • 80+ futures

    By now, more than 80 desirable futures have been collected via the 3 questionnaires.
We often talk about probable and even likely futures, but never enough about desirable ones. And yet, desirable futures are at the heart of shaping the future, serving as our guiding lights. Futures Probes of [...] aims to give desirable futures a platform where they can shine, inspire others and be visible in their diversity.
The Futures Probes of [...] cycle
Each cycle consists of a topic, a corresponding futures questionnaire and a self-published zine and has a duration of approximately one year.
In-depth research
The first 3 months are reserved for in-depth research into the topic and major content posting on Instagram.
Questionnaire launch
In the second quarter of each cycle, the futures questionnaire is launched and promoted online.
Images of the future
During the next 6 months upon launch, each submitted future is illustrated and uploaded to the archive.
Zine release
In the last quarter of each cycle, the collected material is analysed and incorporated into a playful magazine.
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