Imagining future tourism jobs

In a future characterised by extreme sea level rise, what might sustainable tourism look like and require?
In a series of workshops, young people explored different possible and seemingly impossible futures of tourism and the new jobs those might require – learning about the potential of future shaping amidst uncertainty along the way.
  • 1 project partner

    The workshops were part of a yearly summer camp project called Modell Morgen, initiated and run by Studio2B.
  • 20 young people

    Each of the workshops was designed for a diverse group of 20 participants, all between 12 and 19 years old.
  • 2 workshops

    Two one-day workshops that each incorporated an exploration, creation, prototyping and sharing phase.
In a complex and uncertain world with ever-changing challenges and the requirements to solve them, we also regularly need new and updated professions and skills. Modell Morgen is a summer camp series designed to challenge young people to think about their own possible future professions in different fields and reflect on the implications of different types of jobs on sustainability. This workshop series was designed to help young people imagine meaningful future jobs in the field of tourism to help shape a sustainable world.
Workshop phases
Collection of accumulated knowledge on sustainable tourism, with a focus on problems, challenges and potentials.
In small groups, the participants constructed possible and impossible future types of tourism and required jobs using a futures wheel.
Building a physical representation to showcase important aspects of the imagined future tourism job by means of an artefact.
Group reflection on the implications of uncertain futures, the means to participate in shaping the future and on one’s own future profession(s).
Main outcomes
Futures literacy
Participants were able to try out different futuring tools and practised their ability to 'think in plural futures'.
Critical reflection
Participants were encouraged to examine different possible and also seemingly impossible alternative futures.
Systems thinking
Participants gained insights into tourism as a networked (and complex) system.
Job ideas
Participants were able to develop and sharpen their own sense of possible future professions within tourism.
Tools & methods
Creative Warm-ups
Interactive games to break the ice, get to know one’s team or encourage a creative mindset.
Futures Wheel
A method for visually mapping future consequences of a particular change or development.
Future Jobs
A tool to create and describe imagined jobs required for a specific future world or development.
A tangible version of an idea that can be used to test a concept or product.
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